Are you planning to embark on a construction project in Orlando? If yes, then you have to choose between pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) and conventional buildings. Both of these types of buildings have their own merits. If you have been asking, “what are some construction companies near me dealing in PEMB?” the answer is McKee Construction Co.

What Are Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings?

A PEMB is a building that is expertly fabricated from an assemblage of I-beams which are bolted together to come up with a complete frame. The resulting structure is a stable and robust building that can serve different purposes.

Reasons Why You Should Choose PEMB for Your Orlando Build

After locating a good company that deals in PEMB, the next question to ask should be, “why should I consider construction companies near me dealing in PEMB?” To answer this question, let us now look at some benefits of using PEMB for your Orlando build:

  • Quick design process compared to a conventional building where it might take long before you get the final architecture and engineering for your build, for PEMB highly specialized computer programs can be used to come up with the designs in no time.
  • Speedy delivery After settling on the designs, arrangements can be made to deliver your metal building in six to eight weeks. Conversely, for conventional buildings, it might take up to 26 weeks for all components needed for construction to reach your job site.
  • Higher quality control PEMBs are normally fabricated in-house with strict adherence to quality control. All the materials used in fabricating the building are single-sourced ensuring that quality is maintained throughout. Conventional buildings are normally assembled on the job site and most materials do not originate from one source. This means that the quality of the build cannot be assured.
  • Construction waste management Steel, which is used in fabricating the PEMBs leaves behind less waste compared to conventional builds which use other materials that pollute the environment. One look at a traditional construction site and you will see just how the environment is polluted in such building sites.
  • Scalability – PEMBs are fabricated in such a way as to allow for their extension and when your business grows. You can scale and extend your PEMBs as your company expands with ease. This is not the case with conventional metal buildings. They might require you to build a larger workspace or pull down a wall before you extend the workspace.
  • Seismic advantages Your PEMB can be fabricated in such a way that it can move flexibly during seismic events. This will ensure that your build suffers the least amount of damage due to these seismic activities. Moreover, the light materials used in building your PEMB will strengthen your building and ensure that it withstands seismic tremors. Conventional structures suffer the most during seismic events because they are not flexible and the heavy materials used in their fabrication makes them susceptible to seismic tremors.

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If you have been wondering and asking which construction companies near me deal in PEMBs, you need to question no more. At McKee Construction Co., we have the expertise and experience are necessary to fabricate a wide variety of pre-engineered metal buildings. Contact us today and let us discuss how we can help you with your construction.

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