Corrugated metal roofing is one of the best things that you can do for your business. McKee Construction Co. near Orlando is proud to have its own metal roofing division to help you. As general contractors, we understand how different elements can affect the overall success and longevity of a building. Metal roofing definitely contributes to the longevity to a building and makes it a superior choice in a variety of other ways. Aside from lasting longer than its asphalt counterparts, it is also an excellent way to be kind to the environment and lessen the strain on the structural components of your home. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us at McKee Construction Co. today.

Why is Corrugated Metal Roofing Better?

Metal roofing has an extensive list of benefits. The first and most commonly known of these is the fact that metal roofs naturally last longer than asphalt tile roofs. This is because they are able to seal out water, survive high winds, and shed snow easily. They are also resistant to fire, mildew, insects, and wood rot.

Along with this, metal roofs are generally less heavy than you would get from a concrete tile roof. This means that you can typically downsize or reduce the number of roof support columns that you have on your house.

Metal is also much easier to install than many other types of roofs so this means that these installations will take much less time than they would for another type of roof. This not only saves you cost in labor but it also saves you from having to deal with an unfinished roof when a storm comes.

Roofs are also reflective which means that you can get rid of the issue of too much heat in your home and save on energy costs. You can also add insulation to make it even better for you. You can even leave dead-air between the metal and the roof deck to increase the overall energy efficiency.

Are You Searching for General Contractors?

If you are looking for someone to help you with your metal roofing for your commercial project, look no further than us at McKee Construction Co. We are experienced and devoted general contractors and we can tackle any commercial construction project. Would you like to learn more about us? Contact us today.

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McKee Construction Co. is one of the top general contractors near Orlando. We specialize in corrugated metal roofing and we always go out of our way to ensure that you have the best value for your project. Our company is focused on comprehensive service. That is why we have three different divisions to take care of all aspects of your project. We can be there for you from the start of the project when you are designing it to the very end when it has all come together. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us at McKee Construction Co. today.

As a metal roof contractor, we at McKee Construction Co. in Seminole County are always proud of the work that we can provide to our clients. Because we want to give you a comprehensive construction experience, we have more than one department to take care of all your commercial construction needs. Our metal roofing division is the department we have in-house that is in charge of metal roofing needs for commercial construction. You can view the process we go through to install a metal roof and see for yourself how our expertise makes a difference. To learn more about our general contractor services, contact us today or visit our website to see our staff and our other divisions.

Learn About Our Metal Roofing Division

With over a hundred years of collective experience, McKee Construction Co. is proud to present their pre-engineered metal roofing division. We have re-roofed and re-skinned over five million square feet of structures throughout the state thanks to a combination of our expertise and our commitment to customer service. Beyond installation, we also locate and repair water intrusion issues in different types of buildings in our area. We have also repaired the roof and wall panels, skylights, gutters, downspouts, trim, and any other items for metal roofing maintenance tasks. For nearly thirty years, we have gone above and beyond the industry standards and have worked to resolve application problems as well as changing wind zone requirements with the help of our engineering partners.
While we value completing our clients’ projects as soon as possible to meet their deadlines, we also know that it is important to provide the highest quality project. This not only helps us to uphold our standards but it also ensures that whatever we give you is only the best.

Do You Need a Metal Roof Contractor?

If you are planning a commercial construction project, you want to make sure that the roof that goes with it is just as well built and durable as the building itself. Only by combining a high-quality structure and a high-quality roof, can you get the best results. We at McKee Construction Co. know what it takes to make sure that each of our structures are perfectly suited to your needs.
For commercial construction, durability and functionality are everything and we have the tools to ensure that that is what we provide you with. Contact us today to learn more about our services and see how we can help you realize your commercial construction dream with our general contractor expertise.

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McKee Construction Co. is located in Seminole County and we offer the highest quality commercial construction in Central Florida. We have various divisions that specialize in different aspects of your building process. Our metal roofing division is one of these divisions and it is one that is highly skilled in making your metal roof perfect. As a metal roof contractor, we can help you with your next commercial construction project. Contact us to get in touch with a  professional general contractor at McKee Construction Co.

Searching for “construction companies in Orlando” to have your metal roofing replaced? McKee Construction Co. near Orlando can help you fix your roofing in no time. Let us know what you need and we will have your project handled right away!

Does your metal roofing need to be replaced?

Be cautious of your roof, and take good care of it as best you can. It is important to replace your roof every now and then when you notice these signs:

Leaks- a roof leaks if it has not been installed correctly. Your metal roofing could have gaps in it which could be causing the leaks. This only gets worse, so once you notice it, it should be addressed right away. It will only cost more money the longer you wait. Look for construction companies in Orlando, FL today!
Tears and punctures – these often occur during the construction of the roof, due to the foot traffic. Since the metal roof is prone to movement, caulking could be a temporary solution. However, the best way to reduce tears and punctures is to avoid any access to the roof. Only let professionals up there for repair needs.
Blow-offs – another side effect due to bad installation. If it is not attached properly, there can be open seams and gaps which can result in parts of the roof blowing off. This means you should regularly take a look at your roof to be sure everything is in place. Metal roofing is great, until something goes wrong and needs to be replaced.
Loose Seams – Metal roofs expand and contract, depending on the weather. This can cause screws to loosen and seams to separate. If this happens, you should have a professional come out from McKee Construction Co. take a look right away. The underlying structure of the roof can become damaged causing bigger issues for the entire roof.
Ponding Water – When water collects on the roof, it adds pressure. This could form leaks and puddles on your roof. Be sure to check for this often.
Rust and/or Corrosion Buildup – once exposed to moisture, rust can form. The weather can cause corrosion. Be careful of these things when it comes to a metal roofing repair or replacement.

Looking for construction companies in Orlando, FL that our locals trust?

McKee Construction Co. is here to fix your metal roofing for you in a professional and timely manner. Meeting our customer satisfaction needs is our top priority! We will make sure your roof is properly installed, inspect your roof for issues, and make sure everything is just as it should be. With our experienced staff and proper materials, we will be sure to get your metal roofing up to date and just as it needs to be so it will last you a while for years to come!

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If you are in search of construction companies in Orlando, FL, McKee Construction Co is the company for you! We can fix your metal roofing and more. Just let us know what you need done and we will come up with a plan together.

Are you planning to embark on a construction project in Orlando? If yes, then you have to choose between pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) and conventional buildings. Both of these types of buildings have their own merits. If you have been asking, “what are some construction companies near me dealing in PEMB?” the answer is McKee Construction Co.

What Are Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings?

A PEMB is a building that is expertly fabricated from an assemblage of I-beams which are bolted together to come up with a complete frame. The resulting structure is a stable and robust building that can serve different purposes.

Reasons Why You Should Choose PEMB for Your Orlando Build

After locating a good company that deals in PEMB, the next question to ask should be, “why should I consider construction companies near me dealing in PEMB?” To answer this question, let us now look at some benefits of using PEMB for your Orlando build:

  • Quick design process compared to a conventional building where it might take long before you get the final architecture and engineering for your build, for PEMB highly specialized computer programs can be used to come up with the designs in no time.
  • Speedy delivery After settling on the designs, arrangements can be made to deliver your metal building in six to eight weeks. Conversely, for conventional buildings, it might take up to 26 weeks for all components needed for construction to reach your job site.
  • Higher quality control PEMBs are normally fabricated in-house with strict adherence to quality control. All the materials used in fabricating the building are single-sourced ensuring that quality is maintained throughout. Conventional buildings are normally assembled on the job site and most materials do not originate from one source. This means that the quality of the build cannot be assured.
  • Construction waste management Steel, which is used in fabricating the PEMBs leaves behind less waste compared to conventional builds which use other materials that pollute the environment. One look at a traditional construction site and you will see just how the environment is polluted in such building sites.
  • Scalability – PEMBs are fabricated in such a way as to allow for their extension and when your business grows. You can scale and extend your PEMBs as your company expands with ease. This is not the case with conventional metal buildings. They might require you to build a larger workspace or pull down a wall before you extend the workspace.
  • Seismic advantages Your PEMB can be fabricated in such a way that it can move flexibly during seismic events. This will ensure that your build suffers the least amount of damage due to these seismic activities. Moreover, the light materials used in building your PEMB will strengthen your building and ensure that it withstands seismic tremors. Conventional structures suffer the most during seismic events because they are not flexible and the heavy materials used in their fabrication makes them susceptible to seismic tremors.

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If you have been wondering and asking which construction companies near me deal in PEMBs, you need to question no more. At McKee Construction Co., we have the expertise and experience are necessary to fabricate a wide variety of pre-engineered metal buildings. Contact us today and let us discuss how we can help you with your construction.