Keeping up with these 5 trends to watch in commercial building design with McKee Construction Co. in Sanford, FL is key when you are on top of the growth of your business. Finding good construction companies near me you can trust to get the job done right and in a timely fashion is the trick these days. Take a look at these tips and reach out to us today!

  1. Virtual Reality for a Commercial Building Design

    • A newer but cool way to design commercial buildings. This is a useful way to visualize how your structure is going to come together before it hits the solid ground. You can walk through the design, a more realistic idea of a blueprint before actually seeing your building. This helps clients see what they will be getting and make sure they won’t run into any issues as far as space or measurements being off. This is a huge perk of keeping up with the newest trends in construction.
  2. Creating a Collaborative Casual Space

    • The days of gathering around a water cooler or in the break room are coming to an end. When it comes to commercial building design with McKee Construction Co, they can help you build a space that is open and inviting for all types of projects or gatherings. A more casual setting allows for employees to benefit in a collaboration of ways.
  3. Interested in Energy Efficient Walls?

    • Insulating concrete blocks being used for exterior walls have been around for a long time, but new technology has allowed these blocks to be integrated into complete wall systems. Improving energy efficiency is often very important for clients because it reduces maintenance and costs for them. These systems provide a stronger structure, better insulation, impressive fire resistance and higher soundproof from outside noise.
  4. Incorporating Green Design

    • This is not only better for the environment but the mind as well. This tends to provide a more productive workspace for all employees. These designs have improved air and humidity control, smarter waste management, and recycled materials when possible. The ideas behind these designs are to reduce the consumption of heat, light, and water in as many ways as we can. To be as natural as we can in the workspace is the overall goal with the green design.
  5. Smart Glass Maybe?

    • Smart glass is tinted or glazed in a way that improves energy by controlling the glare, the harsh bright light and/or heat from the sun. Windows are important in any commercial building design to improve the visibility of natural lighting for all employees. On the bright side, smart glass can reduce costs and provide a more enjoyable work environment for everyone.

Keeping up with the latest commercial construction trends is important when you are looking into construction companies near me because you want to make sure they have everything you want and more. Do your research and find the company that works best for your commercial building design needs.

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