Design styles for commercial buildings can make a difference in the productivity and flow of a space. Innovative design can change the entire feel of a space and can upgrade commercial construction for a more desirable space. If you are looking for a design consultation for your commercial building space in Orlando, contact McKee Construction Co. for information. Below are just a few of the most common building styles we provide.

  1. Dual purpose design

    • A design that can be utilized for multiple things can be very helpful in an office space. Especially in smaller spaces, making furniture have more than one function can open up extra space in the office and allow for more walking room.
  2. Glass and environmentally friendly commercial building design

    • Windows and the presence of glass in office design have increasingly become a symbol of environmentally friendly design. Now, with the emphasis on businesses embracing eco-friendly practices, it is important for your space to reflect that as well. An office space with tall, abundant windows can open up a space and add in an element of light.
  3. Collaborative space

    • Collaborative space, or opening up the main workspace, can not only increase productivity but encourage the communication of ideas and innovations. This kind of design is trending because it revolutionizes the standard separated cubicle design in favor of something much more fluid and transparent that emphasizes community within a business.
  4. Unexpected pattern combinations

    • Unexpected pattern combinations in your space can break up the monotony in an office space and liven up the area for both patrons of your business and your staff. This can be executed in a number of ways, but a popular way lately has been the implementation of non-matching textiles in materials. If done correctly, this can still look professional and innovative.
  5. Comfort as well as elegance

    • While having an elegant, yet budget-friendly design is important, there is now an increased interest in comfort in design. This means that ergonomic design and features such as adjustable arms and headrests are becoming more common and more desirable in a space. Also considering durable materials that will not only provide comfort but last longer will make the space more user-friendly.
  6. Emphasis on geometric patterns

    • Geometric design and patterns can create a bold focal piece in a space. It shows your business’s focus on design and elegance and is timeless in its innovation. This type of design can bring liveliness to a space and display the uniqueness of your business to visitors and patrons.
  7. Cool-toned greys

    • In commercial construction, cool-toned greys are a classically elegant design feature. They will elevate the look of your office space and create a comfortable, natural atmosphere for your staff and visitors. While this can be a tad monotonous for some, there are ways to add a splash of color and still maintain a cool-toned grey throughout using a variety of stone veneers and textures.

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Designing your office space to follow current design trends for commercial construction can make your space more interesting and elevate its appeal. McKee Construction Co. in Orlando can assist you in your commercial building design needs.

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