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Selecting a commercial general contractor Maitland trusts is not always easy, but McKee Construction Co. near Maitland can be your resource. We have had ample experience in the field of commercial construction, and we understand what it takes to make the project successful. We always want to make sure that each of our clients walks away satisfied with the work that we have done. That is why we go out of our way to ensure that we offer all the services that are necessary for a project to come to fruition, from its inception to its final stages. If you are interested in learning more about us and what we can do for you, contact us at McKee Construction Co. today.

A Commercial General Contractor Maitland Trusts

We are more than just another general contractor that you can work with. We seek to create a comprehensive experience for our clients. It can be frustrating to work with one company for the design of your building and have another company complicate the execution process. The fact of the matter is that too much can go wrong. The design company can have trouble communicating their expectations to the building company, the building company can go over budget because of a difference of opinion, or both companies can take forever to exchange messages back and forth which delays the whole process.

This is a pain to deal with, and it can come off as unprofessional for both sides. That is why we can set ourselves apart. We do not work with two separate companies for either design or building. Both take place in-house by our talented team of professionals.

How Are We Different

We are unique because we care about your project and this makes us want to be there for you from the very beginning of your project until the very end. We understand that our clients all have unique needs that set them apart from others and we want to make sure that we accommodate those needs as best as we can. That is why we integrate ourselves into the design process as well as the construction process so that you can get the best results possible.

If you are interested in learning more about our services or you would like to begin your next commercial construction project with us, contact us at McKee Construction Co. or visit our website to see our past works for yourself.

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McKee Construction Co. is the top commercial general contractor Maitland has to offer. Located near Maitland, we specialize in building commercial projects from their very start until their ultimate finish. We are not done with a project until you are satisfied. That is why we are so confident in the work that we do. With our expertise and our commitment to our customers, we are certain we can make your next commercial project the best that it can be. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us at McKee Construction Co. today.

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