When you initiate a commercial construction project, you may be curious about the responsibilities of each person on your construction site. The superintendent is the one who is in charge of everything on your construction site. With their construction management, you can be sure that all monetary matters and all human resource matters are taken care of and all the construction site activities are well-managed. McKee Construction Co. in Sanford has experienced superintendents to handle your commercial construction.

Supervising construction management

Superintendents are in charge of all the day to day activities that occur on a construction site. Especially when you are dealing commercial construction, a superintendent is crucial for directing the tasks assigned to each team of individuals and making sure that there is a smooth workflow so that tasks can get accomplished. Superintendents are the ones who know every detail of what is occurring on the worksite, so they are the ones to turn to if you have any questions about the day-to-day activities of your construction project.

As a superintendent, they are typically in charge of a large group of workers. Occasionally, they direct not just workers individually, but—for large projects—foremen who then direct individual workers. This means that there is now way for this position to be an entry-level position. What this means for you is that you can be certain that your superintendent is experienced in construction and in construction management.

Handling accounting and human resource matters

The superintendent is not just in charge of directing people, however. They are also the ones responsible for all the materials and labor and the expenses thereof. Oftentimes, they are the ones who develop an estimate for you as a client, so they are also the ones who are aware of how much things cost. They are, therefore, constantly working to work within a budget and do a large amount of accounting.

Superintendents are also the ones to contact regarding human resource matters. They are responsible for the hiring of new employees and also training them to perform well onsite. Superintendents relay the rules for the construction site to their employees and are therefore liable if something should happen in event that an employee does not know the rules. They are also the ones who know what the employee pay and benefits are.

For commercial construction, where projects are often large and require a sizable number of people present to complete it, this means that they are handling quite a bit of workers and budgeting all at once.

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Superintendents are your source for information at a construction site. They manage every aspect of the daily activities and overall management of the construction site. They know everything about the budgeting of your project and the tasks that get completed as they get done. McKee Construction Co. in Sanford, Florida has a team of experienced superintendents dedicated to helping you with your construction project. Contact them for more information about how they can help you in your next commercial construction project.

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