If you have been on top of your construction planning and are worried about scheduling delays, McKee Construction Co. in Sanford is here to help you better understand the commercial construction process and some of the delays that may take place.

Construction Planning has Delays From Time to Time

Commercial construction normally moves at a very fast pace, however, sometimes delays do get in the way. Due to some important factors, clients have to squeeze everything into a certain amount of time to get their project done for their business which is where construction planning and delays may come into play. Any sort of delay can be critical for the whole project and all commercial construction companies, even ours, do everything in their power to try and avoid this at all costs. Here are a few of the most common delays that come up during construction planning:

Unrealistic Expectations For Permit Reviews

One of the first things that could potentially bring a project to a halt is not having the proper permits. The length of time that it takes to get permits is something that a lot of clients do not realize until it is too late. Our staff is here to help with most things, however, we can not get the permits for your business done in one day. This takes time and each permit will require a different length of time to obtain. The best takeaway from this piece of advice is for you to listen to our professionals and let us help you get your permits when it is suggested to make sure it does not delay the rest of your commercial construction process.

Delays on Shop Drawings

As soon as we get the okay to move forward with a project, we let our contractors know about the job and release to them to start creating our renderings/drawings. This is an important step that can save everyone some headaches down the road because shop drawings are made to make sure everyone understands the overall design of the commercial building. It leaves less room or errors and conflicts when starting the construction. Having the shop drawings done on time lets the rest of the construction flow on time. However, if the client, does not sign off on the completed drawings in a timely manner, it can cause delays in the rest of the project.

Planning for Long-lead Items and Materials

For most construction projects, long lead materials will take time to order and have delivered. Many of those lead times are fixed, which means there is no way to get the materials sooner by paying for accelerated manufacturing. Custom items take longer because of the measurements and specific needs that need to be sent overseas sometimes.

Besides ordering these items in a timely manner, it’s crucial to make sure the extended lead times fit into the commercial construction schedule. There will always be some delays, but if one is organized and on top of the things you need to order, it will help you in the long run.

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