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As the top commercial general contractor Lake Mary has to offer, we at McKee Construction Co. understand that building near Lake Mary can be a great opportunity. We can help you realize your dream of completing a commercial project in this area. Commercial construction is, after all, a field where people are constantly competing to progress and innovate for their employees. It can be hard to keep up without the help of professionals. That is where we come in. If you would like to learn more about our services, contact us at McKee Construction Co. today.

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We are the ideal choice for those who are seeking to start their commercial construction project precisely because we offer such an array of services. For instance, we have a general contracting division that handles all of our construction projects. To complement those services, we also have design as well as roofing services. Our roofing team is incredible, and they offer metal roofing options that can be made to suit your project’s particular needs. Finally, our design team can help you by working with the construction team to ensure that your project is done to all the specifications that you lay out during planning. Because they are a part of a larger team, they will be able to work smoothly together and ease the process to such a point that you would not find elsewhere. Should you like to see what we are capable of, you can view some of our past projects on our website.

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Our services are unique for a number of reasons. The first of these is that we are a design-build company. What this means is that you do not have to hire two companies to do the job that we do. Separate design and construction teams can waste time trying to communicate and add complications to your project that can set the whole thing back even further. In the end, your project is not the way you expected, and you are unhappy. That is why we continue to succeed as the top commercial general contractor Lake Mary has to offer. We can build a bridge between design and construction so that everything flows as it should.

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McKee Construction Co. is a renowned construction company based out of Orlando that offers design-build services. We are one of the top construction companies in Orlando, and we have decades of experience that makes us equipped to handle whatever project you may have. With our devoted and dedicated team, you can get the results that you have been looking for. Whether you are going to renovate a space or you are building something brand new, we will help you realize the potential of all that it could be. If you are ready to learn more about us or you would like to start on your next construction project, contact us at McKee Construction Co. today.

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