Design-build construction teams are typically more beneficial over design bid build companies, but why is that? McKee Construction Co. in Orlando, Florida knows that general contractors who work alongside design teams from the same company know the intricacies of a project during its entire length, allowing them to give the client the best possible result. We at McKee Construction Co. follow this philosophy and we provide our clients with the design that they have been hoping for. Contact us at McKee Construction Co. to learn more.

How Does a Design-Build Construction Company Make a Difference?

When you begin a construction project, you may have to deal with both a construction company and a design firm. Your design firm plans out what the building will look like and what components are necessary to make it look right as well as what materials will make it the precise aesthetic that you have been wanting. At this point, a construction company comes in, takes these designs, and tries to construct the designs according to plan. However, because they do not have direct contact with the architect, there are chances for the contractor to go over budget or to run into problems with the design.

A design-build construction company unifies the process. This irons out the issues of communication between the design team and the construction team because they are both aware of the project in the same capacity and they can work together to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Additionally, because they are working together, you do not have to wait through the bidding process and then wait for a contractor to come along who will have to reach out to the design team every time they have an issue. A unified design-build team immediately begins work after they finish designing and therefore speed up the building process.

Are You Looking for General Contractors?

If you are looking for general contractors, it is best to search for one that works with a design team in their own company. A design-build team can help you plan exactly what you need without having to compromise on budget or time spent on the project. Design-build teams understand from the inception of your project what you are looking for and can execute it all with their own team.

McKee Construction Co. is a design-build company near Orlando that can help you get the building project that you have been wanting without the need to consult a number of other sources. If you are interested in starting your own construction project, contact us at McKee Construction Co.

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McKee Construction Co. near Orlando operates with efficiency and urgency to provide its clients with quality results. Our design team and construction team work cohesively as one unit which enables us to deliver an incredible McKee product that has been our trademark for over 30 years. Contact us to learn more about our services and see how we can help you with your construction project.

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