Mckee Construction Co. is one of the most reliable construction companies in Sanford, FL. Our design build construction process keeps all of our clients vision focused, and allows us to help them during the design consultation to strategize their concept. We help all of our clients design the space they have always wanted, making sure the outcome is just right for their commercial or industrial space.

Design Build Construction Results in The Most Versatility

Having a Design Consultation with Mckee Construction Co. when coming up with a new design is important. It gives us the basic information we need to know about your space such as measurements, colors, and the style you like so that we can move forward with ideas for the new plan. The most important things to remember during a consultation are:

To meet your match- Depending on what you are looking for we can pair you with one of our experienced designers who has the skills to help your idea develop to its full potential. Our design build construction company has a team of highly qualified and expert contractors to ensure that the project is completed right, and on time.  

Power Hour – The first meeting is all about the designer getting to know their clients however, asking questions and making sure all wants/needs are met is what is most important. Making the most of your first hour together is important. Finding the right construction companies in Sanford, FL is crucial when starting a new project. It is recommended to arrive prepared with a list of ideas for your design.  We find this helpful and it keeps things moving during the design process. Communication is key and helps with the entire design build construction process over time because it keeps everyone on the same page. A design consultation is the time to come up with a plan with your designer and make decisions.

What to expect- After your consultation you and your designer will have a plan to follow and a more solid idea of the budget required.

Construction Companies in Sanford

Once your consultation is complete, you should have a good idea of your design plan, and what your new space is going to look like. Mckee Construction Co. can help you get to where you want to be with all the design ideas you have, you just need to let us know what you want. Finding the right construction companies in Sanford, FL can take some time, but with McKee Construction Co. the answer is clear. With decades of experience, an impressive portfolio of work,  and a highly positive reviews, they are the go-to company in Sanford. DAt Mckee Construction Co. we have the company, staff and experience you have been looking for to design your new space.  

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If you are ready to start the design build construction process, reach out to Mckee Construction Co. one of the best construction companies in Sanford, FL. Give us a call at 407-323-1150 today to get started on your new design for your space.

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