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Does your metal roofing need to be replaced?

Be cautious of your roof, and take good care of it as best you can. It is important to replace your roof every now and then when you notice these signs:

Leaks- a roof leaks if it has not been installed correctly. Your metal roofing could have gaps in it which could be causing the leaks. This only gets worse, so once you notice it, it should be addressed right away. It will only cost more money the longer you wait. Look for construction companies in Orlando, FL today!
Tears and punctures – these often occur during the construction of the roof, due to the foot traffic. Since the metal roof is prone to movement, caulking could be a temporary solution. However, the best way to reduce tears and punctures is to avoid any access to the roof. Only let professionals up there for repair needs.
Blow-offs – another side effect due to bad installation. If it is not attached properly, there can be open seams and gaps which can result in parts of the roof blowing off. This means you should regularly take a look at your roof to be sure everything is in place. Metal roofing is great, until something goes wrong and needs to be replaced.
Loose Seams – Metal roofs expand and contract, depending on the weather. This can cause screws to loosen and seams to separate. If this happens, you should have a professional come out from McKee Construction Co. take a look right away. The underlying structure of the roof can become damaged causing bigger issues for the entire roof.
Ponding Water – When water collects on the roof, it adds pressure. This could form leaks and puddles on your roof. Be sure to check for this often.
Rust and/or Corrosion Buildup – once exposed to moisture, rust can form. The weather can cause corrosion. Be careful of these things when it comes to a metal roofing repair or replacement.

Looking for construction companies in Orlando, FL that our locals trust?

McKee Construction Co. is here to fix your metal roofing for you in a professional and timely manner. Meeting our customer satisfaction needs is our top priority! We will make sure your roof is properly installed, inspect your roof for issues, and make sure everything is just as it should be. With our experienced staff and proper materials, we will be sure to get your metal roofing up to date and just as it needs to be so it will last you a while for years to come!

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