Have you asked yourself, “what is modular construction?” McKee Construction Co. near Orlando, FL can help you better understand commercial construction from an everyday user’s standpoint. You can use these benefits to build the building you have always wanted for your business space.

Benefits of Modular Construction

  • Versatility

    • Modular components can be easily expanded, relocated, or reused. The flexibility allows for the construction to adapt to future changes or an expansion of your business.
  • Quick Installation

    • Modular construction is pre-engineered so that they can be assembled quickly during installation. A shorter installation time will lead to a good result in productivity.
  • Clean Installation

    • Prefabricated components require minimum onsite construction and fabrication which reduces dust and other contaminants during installation. This will result in less disruption of the facility on the construction site and less clean up overall.
  • Reduces Construction Labor Costs

    • Makes it quicker and easier to install during construction process. This lowers the labor costs overall.
  • Ease of Coordination

    • Provides customers with a turnkey process that includes local support and assistance of the distribution of supplies.
  • Reduced Design Time

    • Modular components are pre-engineered. This reduces the amount of engineering and architectural time required to design your building.
  • Consistent Quality & Appearance

    • Our attractive, integrated systems with modular construction are good for exact specifications. This is just right for complete designs and any additions or expansions for your business commercial construction project.
  • Low Maintenance

    • Modular components are durable wall panels that require little maintenance beyond additional cleaning. This eliminates the cost for repainting, surface cleaning, or repairs.
  • Environmentally Friendly

    • Less construction material is wasted when using modular construction. This will help ensure you get green building ratings.
    • Using modular components for your building needs can help you see things in a different light. We can create a building that will increase your size and give you more than enough room for you and all your employees. Making sure your space is everything you need it to be is important, so let us be your commercial construction team and create the space you need.

Why McKee Construction Co.?

Our team can create the space you have always wanted within your given budget. We pay close attention to detail to make sure everything is included in your project that needs to be there. Our standard is important to us and must be met in every project. Let us know what your commercial construction building needs and we will be happy to complete it for you in a timely fashion. Using our team for your building needs is the right thing to do because we can create a building from start to finish, just the way you want it to be for the right price. Let us get you to where you want to be and design a space that will help you and your business grow!

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If you are curious about modular construction, McKee Construction Co. near Orlando, FL can give you a better understanding when you contact us today about your commercial construction project today.

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