High Reach 2

High Reach 2 is an aerial lift rental company with 5 locations in Florida. The above pictured location is High Reach 2, a 41,400 square foot headquarters located in Sanford, Florida. The construction offers multiple exterior and interior building features. The main office is located on the south side of the building which features 2-stories with 6,000 square feet per floor. The exterior portion of the building is constructed with reverse run PBR Panels. EIFS is then attached to present an upscale office appearance. The interior of the office features two quarterturned crescent stairs on opposite sides of the lobby, conjoined at the second floor.

The stairs are constructed and finished out of fine red oak.  The unique stair design required a radius in the mezzanine, which was executed by Kirby Building Systems. The building features a 20’-0” wide front entry canopy projecting out 6’-0” for the main office, as well as two 20’-0” x 27’-0” parking canopies in front of the warehouse entrances.

The 26,400 square foot warehouse is constructed with concrete masonry units (C.M.U.) 18’-0” above finished floor elevation, and PBR wall panels to the roof deck. The interior of the warehouse has white PBR liner panels attached to the walls and the underside of the purlins. Paint is also applied to the PEMB mainframes for an aesthetically appeasing look.

To enhance air movement and an aesthetic compliment, two 24’-0” Powerfoil X 2.0 Big Ass Fans were installed to the underside of the purlins. Lastly, the 3,000 square foot wash bay is open to 18’-0” on three sides and has metal wall panels from 18’-0” to the underside of the roof deck. The wash bay also features a 16’-0” Powerfoil X 2.0 Big Ass Fan. The creative construction and quality of design go hand in hand with the product and professionalism that High Reach 2 represents.

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