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Meet Our McKee Construction Team!

A general contractor team you can trust

In order to select a general contractor that will perform the job well and will know how to interact with you and your team, it is important to get to know who you will be working with. At McKee Construction Co. in Sanford, we have a devoted team that will assist you with your construction needs. Before you search “construction companies near me,” contact McKee Construction Co. and their team for information.

Bobby VonHerbulis

Having been in the business since 1985, Bobby VonHerbulis is more than qualified to be the President of McKee Construction Co. However, that is not all he is involved in. He is also the Chairman of the Contractors Licensing Board in Seminole County as well as the Planning and Zoning Commissioner for the city of Sanford. He is experienced in many aspects of the construction process, including architectural drafting, civil engineering, design from concept, land acquisition, planning, development and final construction.

Maverick VonHerbulis

As General Manager, Maverick VonHerbulis has almost a decade of experience with McKee Construction Co. and his expertise ranges from personnel management to coordinating permitting projects through governmental agencies. He is also responsible for contract administration, concept coordination, design coordination, coordinating estimates and proposals, and working with clients on land acquisition, planning, development, and permitting and final construction of a project. He understands that when you search “construction companies near me,” you are looking for someone that you can trust as well as afford.

Stephen C. Esler

Stephen C. Esler has more than twenty years of experience with McKee Construction Co., making him more than capable of being the Vice President of Construction. He is Chairman for the City of Sanford Planning and Zoning Commission and Manager of the Pre-Engineered Metal Roofing Division.

Joe Nicholas

Joe Nicholas has over twenty years of experience in the construction industry with over fifteen of those with McKee Construction Co. He is Senior Estimator and a State Licensed Building Contractor and is responsible for concept and design coordination along with Maverick VonHerbulis.

Mike Griffin

As Roofing Officer, Mike Griffin has over three decades of roofing experience and is the lead of Pre-Engineered Metal Roofing. He is also a former United States Marine, making him a capable and trustworthy member of the McKee Construction team.

Roberts Schools

With over a decade of experience with McKee Construction Co., Robert Schools is a dedicated member of the roofing team. He oversees job safety and schedules subcontractor trades.

Mike Vail

Mike Vail has reached nearly four decades in the construction industry which makes him more than qualified to be superintendent and oversee job safety and schedule subcontractor trades alongside Robert Schools.

Kathy Bowen

Kathy Bowen is the office manager who has been with McKee Construction Co. for over ten years and is in charge of contract administration.

Contact McKee Construction Co.

As you look for a general contractor, you may say to yourself “Which construction companies near me are trustworthy?” At McKee Construction Co. in Sanford, Florida they understand that this is an important factor and they can provide you the experience and attention you need for your construction project.