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Meet Our McKee Construction Team!

A general contractor team you can trust


In order to select a general contractor that will perform the job well and will know how to interact with you and your team, it is important to get to know who you will be working with. At McKee Construction Co. in Sanford, we have a devoted team that will assist you with your construction needs. Before you search “construction companies near me,” contact McKee Construction Co. and their team for information.


Bobby VonHerbulis


Having been in the business since 1985, Bobby VonHerbulis is more than qualified to be the President of McKee Construction Co. However, that is not all he is involved in. He is also the Chairman of the Contractors Licensing Board in Seminole County as well as the Planning and Zoning Commissioner for the city of Sanford. He is experienced in many aspects of the construction process, including architectural drafting, civil engineering, design from concept, land acquisition, planning, development and final construction.


Maverick VonHerbulis


As General Manager, Maverick VonHerbulis has almost a decade of experience with McKee Construction Co. and his expertise ranges from personnel management to coordinating permitting projects through governmental agencies. He is also responsible for contract administration, concept coordination, design coordination, coordinating estimates and proposals, and working with clients on land acquisition, planning, development, and permitting and final construction of a project. He understands that when you search “construction companies near me,” you are looking for someone that you can trust as well as afford.


Stephen C. Esler


Stephen C. Esler has more than twenty years of experience with McKee Construction Co., making him more than capable of being the Vice President of Construction. He is Chairman for the City of Sanford Planning and Zoning Commission and Manager of the Pre-Engineered Metal Roofing Division.


Joe Nicholas


Joe Nicholas has over twenty years of experience in the construction industry with over fifteen of those with McKee Construction Co. He is Senior Estimator and a State Licensed Building Contractor and is responsible for concept and design coordination along with Maverick VonHerbulis.


Mike Griffin


As Roofing Officer, Mike Griffin has over three decades of roofing experience and is the lead of Pre-Engineered Metal Roofing. He is also a former United States Marine, making himm a capable and trustworthy member of the McKee Construction team.


Roberts Schools


With over a decade of experience with McKee Construction Co., Robert Schools is a dedicated member of the roofing team. He oversees job safety and schedules subcontractor trades.


Mike Vail


Mike Vail has reached nearly four decades in the construction industry which makes him more than qualified to be superintendent and oversee job safety and schedule subcontractor trades alongside Robert Schools.


Kathy Bowen


Kathy Bowen is the office manager who has been with McKee Construction Co. for over ten years and is in charge of contract administration.


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As you look for a general contractor, you may say to yourself “Which construction companies near me are trustworthy?” At McKee Construction Co. in Sanford, Florida they understand that this is an important factor and they can provide you the experience and attention you need for your construction project.

7 Design Styles For Commercial Buildings

Design styles for commercial building can make a difference in the productivity and flow of a space. Innovative design can change the entire feel of a space and can upgrade commercial construction for a more desirable space. If you are looking for a design consultation for your commercial space in Orlando, contact McKee Construction Co. for information. Below are jsut a few of the most common buildings style we provide.

1. Dual purpose design

A design that can be utilized for multiple things can be very helpful in an office space. Especially in smaller spaces, making furniture have more than one function can open up extra space in the office and allow for more walking room.

2. Glass and environmentally friendly commercial building design

Windows and the presence of glass in office design has increasingly become a symbol of environmentally friendly design. Now, with the emphasis on businesses embracing eco-friendly practices, it is important for your space to reflect that as well. An office space with tall, abundant windows can open up a space and add in an element of light.

3. Collaborative space

Collaborative space, or opening up the main workspace, can not only increase productivity but encourages the communication of ideas and innovations. This kind of design is trending because it revolutionizes the standard separated cubicle design in favor of something much more fluid and transparent that emphasizes community within a business.

4. Unexpected pattern combinations

Unexpected pattern combinations in your space can break up the monotony of an office space and liven up the area for both patrons of your business and your staff. This can be executed in a number of ways, but a popular way lately has been the implementation of non-matching textiles in materials. If done correctly, this can still look professional and innovative.

5. Comfort as well as elegance

While having an elegant, yet budget-friendly design is important, there is now an increased interest in comfort in design. This means that ergonomic design and features such as adjustable arms and headrests are becoming more common and more desirable in a space. Also considering durable materials that will not only provide comfort but last longer will make the space more user-friendly.

6. Emphasis on geometric patterns

Geometric design and patterns can create a bold focal piece in a space. It shows your business’s focus on design and elegance and is timeless in its innovation. This type of design can bring liveliness to a space and display the uniqueness of your business to visitors and patrons.

7. Cool-toned greys

In commercial construction, cool-toned greys are a classically elegant design feature. They will elevate the look of your office space and create a comfortable, natural atmosphere for your staff and visitors. While this can be a tad monotonous for some, there are ways to add a splash of color and still maintain a cool-toned grey throughout using a variety of stone veneers and textures.

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Designing your office space to follow current design trends for commercial construction can make your space more interesting and elevate its appeal. McKee Construction Co. in Orlando can assist you in your commercial building design needs.

How To Select The Best General Contractor For The Job

Finding the right general contractor for the job you are doing requires looking a set of different factors to ensure that you are selecting the proper candidate. There can be a number of things that affect the outcome of your project and in order to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks; selecting a quality commercial general contractor is crucial. This is why, before you search “contractors near me” and click on the first result, contact McKee Construction Co. They can provide you with information and pricing for your project.


Find personal references of contractors near me


Talking to the people you know and trust and asking them “Which are the best contractors near me?” can help you select a contractor. Often, if someone else has recently used a contractor and they’ve had a very positive experience, they won’t hesitate to tell you about it–giving you reasons as to why the contractor was so successful for them. If someone had a terrible experience with a contractor, they are likely to give you specific reasons why their experience was negative and make sure you stay away from them in the future. Using the information you get from people around you is a great place to start when looking for the best general contractor for the job.


Have (and stick to) a budget


Knowing exactly what you want done as well as what materials you require to get that accomplished can be a helpful way of avoiding overpaying when hiring a commercial general contractor. This way, when you contact contractors about pricing, you’ll know exactly what to expect and you’ll be able to negotiate more effectively. When you receive bids from contractors, make sure that they break down the costs of the materials, labor, and other expenses so you know exactly what you’re paying for. While a good contractor may cost more, they will also be able to give you a detailed list of where their expenses are coming from.


Verify the credentials of the commercial general contractor


In the same way you would want to verify the credentials of a surgeon before choosing one for a surgery or a lawyer before choosing someone to represent your case, verifying the credentials of your contractors before choosing one for a project is essential to the success of your project. Much the same way that selecting a poor doctor could be detrimental to your health, selecting a poor contractor can lead to extra, unforeseen expenses, shoddy workmanship, and even injury to you or your loved ones.


Select the right contractor for the right job


A contractor that has experience with one particular type of project may still not be suited for your particular project. For instance, if you get a reference from someone for a contractor who has had plenty of experience tiling floors but you’re looking to add on a room to your house, that contractor may not be the best one for your project. Ensuring that your contractor doesn’t just have years of experience, but the experience with the specific project you’re aiming for will make sure that your project is executed properly.


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Selecting the right contractor means looking at a set of factors to determine which contractor will provide you with the best service for your particular project. There are a number of things you can do to ensure you select the right contractor, but if you need more information or a place to start, contact McKee Construction Co. for information and guidance on your next construction project.

The Benefits of an Interior Build Out

An interior build out is a revamping and reconstruction of a space typically to customize a building to suit a particular business’s needs. Your business may require an interior build out if you are looking to expand the current space you are in or if you are entering a new office space. With the help of general contractors, you can determine how to properly utilize your space and do an interior build out suited to your business’s needs. If your business is looking to do an interior build out or if you’re considering doing one, contact McKee Construction Co., a commercial general contractor in Orlando, for consultation and further information on how your business can benefit.


Incorporate features for your business


An expanding business can require more people and therefore more space somewhere down the line. You may end up needing more bathrooms, a larger break room, a larger office space, more individual workspaces, etc. An interior build out is a good time to address these needs early on so that you don’t have to do a remodeling later on.


Keep up with design trends


Your business may consider an interior build out if you want to update an older office space. Keeping up with current design trends can make a difference in making your space more appealing to both employees and clients. It can also increase productivity in your business if the space is utilized properly.

Address the individual tenant’s needs


If you’re a commercial building owner, an interior build out can ensure that you’re meeting the needs of the individual tenants utilizing the space. It can also draw in future tenants if the space is already prepared for their needs. Having these options available for tenants can ensure that they continue using and renewing the space and can give your building appeal and value.

Another circumstance that can require an interior build out is when a business requires specific equipment to function. Some business require large or complicated equipment, such as in the case of doctor’s offices, and the space needs to be equipped to handle the equipment and ensure that they don’t interrupt the flow of business.

Hiring a commercial general contractor


Hiring a commercial general contractor can ensure that you follow all of your state’s laws regarding commercial building and that you request all the necessary permits to build in your space. They can give you a solid plan for building so you have a timeline for when you’ll be able to utilize the space and they can make sure that everything is up to code so your space can pass inspection.

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An interior build out can add many benefits for your business and office space. Consider these benefits in deciding if an interior build out is right for your business. General contractors can assist you in deciding by assessing your site’s compatibility and requirements. If you are in need of general contractors in Orlando, Florida, contact McKee Construction Co. for assistance with your interior build out project.

Benefits of Metal Roofing For Commercial Buildings

Metal roofing for commercial buildings can make a huge difference on how long the building itself lasts. With a long list of benefits, metal roofing can impact your commercial construction project for the better. When tackling a commercial construction project, contacting metal roofing contractors about the benefits of metal roofing for your project can help you not only come to a decision that will impact that durability of your building, but also save you money. In Orlando, McKee Construction Co.’s Roofing Division can help you determine the options for your commercial construction project and figure out whether metal roofing is right for you.


Metal roofing comes in many designs


While it can be tempting to believe that all metal roofs look the same, a variety of designs exist to make the roof including some which make the roof look like ceramic or shingles. They also come in a variety of colors that can make it adaptable to many environments for commercial construction.


It is fire resistant


Having a roof that’s fire resistant is not only a convenience for general purposes but can make a huge difference in certain commercial construction. For structures where fire is a daily occurrence—such as restaurants—having a fire-resistant roofing material can ultimately protect the structure from extensive damage.


It can withstand extreme weather


Metal roofing can save your building from heavy snowstorms or high winds since it can withstand these extreme weather events. Because of the lack of entry points for snow and other weather, it will also save the interior of your building from damage. This makes it a sound investment for locations that deal with frequent storms where constant rebuilding can get costly and time-consuming.

With the help of metal roofing contractors, it can be energy efficient


Metal roofing can be energy efficient when combined with insulation and reflective paint. In fact, during the winter, the capability of the metal roof to insulate can rival that of asphalt tiles. Because the proper installation of the roof is so important, contacting metal roofing contractors will ensure that your roof is actually energy efficient.

It is low maintenance


Unlike shingle roofs, metal roofs are much more long-lasting and require significantly less maintenance. Once a metal roof is installed, it can be left untouched for decades without the need for constant upkeep. This makes it more cost-effective in the long run as you are saved the cost of replacing your roof frequently.


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Metal roofing can make a massive difference in how long-lasting your commercial structure will be. It can be useful for an array of reasons and ultimately save you money and time. In order to explore your options for metal roofing and how it can benefit your commercial construction project, contact local metal roofing contractors for specific options for your area. If you’re searching for a metal roofing contractor in Orlando, contact McKee Construction Co. for a comprehensive look at their services and further information on whether metal roofing is right for your project.