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What Our Superintendents Do On Construction Projects

When you initiate a commercial construction project, you may be curious about the responsibilities of each person on your construction site. The superintendent is the one who is in charge of everything on your construction site. With their construction management, you can be sure that all monetary matters and all human resource matters are taken care of and all the construction site activities are well-managed. McKee Construction Co. in Sanford has experienced superintendents to handle your commercial construction.

Supervising construction management


Superintendents are in charge of all the day to day activities that occur on a construction site. Especially when you are dealing commercial construction, a superintendent is crucial for directing the tasks assigned to each team of individuals and making sure that there is a smooth workflow so that tasks can get accomplished. Superintendents are the ones who know every detail of what is occurring on the worksite, so they are the ones to turn to if you have any questions about the day-to-day activities of your construction project.

As a superintendent, they are typically in charge of a large group of workers. Occasionally, they direct not just workers individually, but—for large projects—foremen who then direct individual workers. This means that there is now way for this position to be an entry-level position. What this means for you is that you can be certain that your superintendent is experienced in construction and in construction management.

Handling accounting and human resource matters


The superintendent is not just in charge of directing people, however. They are also the ones responsible for all the materials and labor and the expenses thereof. Oftentimes, they are the ones who develop an estimate for you as a client, so they are also the ones who are aware of how much things cost. They are, therefore, constantly working to work within a budget and do a large amount of accounting.

Superintendents are also the ones to contact regarding human resource matters. They are responsible for the hiring of new employees and also training them to perform well onsite. Superintendents relay the rules for the construction site to their employees and are therefore liable if something should happen in event that an employee does not know the rules. They are also the ones who know what the employee pay and benefits are.

For commercial construction, where projects are often large and require a sizable number of people present to complete it, this means that they are handling quite a bit of workers and budgeting all at once.

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Superintendents are your source for information at a construction site. They manage every aspect of the daily activities and overall management of the construction site. They know everything about the budgeting of your project and the tasks that get completed as they get done. McKee Construction Co. in Sanford, Florida has a team of experienced superintendents dedicated to helping you with your construction project. Contact them for more information about how they can help you in your next commercial construction project.

About The Renzulli Barn Project

As with any good Orlando contractors, there are projects that they will always be proud of and is the epitome of their services and quality. For McKee Construction Co. in Orlando, this is the Renzulli Barn. The Renzulli Barn is such a monumental project and truly proves McKee Construction Co.’s worth as one of the best construction companies near Orlando that Florida has to offer. The next time you are searching for “construction companies near me,” look no further than McKee Construction Co.

The Barn


The Renzulli Barn was a huge undertaking by McKee Construction Co. that not only utilized their experienced Orlando contractors but their design team and their metal roofing division. It is a perfect representation of their range of services and the quality of their production.

The structure of the barn itself is a massive, two-story upscale barn with beautiful design touches crafted by the inhouse team. The first floor has a garage with eight stalls for the horses that were custom-made by Barn Pros. Even the ceiling fans located inside the stalls were specially selected for the purposes of elevating the overall design of the first floor. In addition to this, found on the first floor is a tack room where the equipment is kept and where guests of the property are shown how to ride the horses.

On the second floor, a high-end residential space that truly takes the barn from a simple barn to a distinctly innovative structure is displayed. The ambiance of the second floor is more of that of a house. The walls and ceiling were constructed of a tongue and groove cedar to give the space a rustic, yet elegant design, although the roof is made of metal for practicality and design.

This style is also reflected in the exterior of the barn where the tongue and groove cedar is also found lining the walls. While the base of the building is lined with stone that goes up three feet, the cedar itself is light to offset the stone. The cedar has interwoven within it, darker accents which make for a complex and interesting design visually.

The lot


The lot on which the barn is located is five acres and is divided into five sections for the purposes of the horses. Four of the sections are allotted for the horse paddocks, with one area left for the residence and stalls. Also found on the lot is a riding arena where events take place.

With such an expansive space, it is no surprise that they can utilize the space in a variety of ways. For this reason, the Renzulli barn is often used for children’s events in the summer where they can learn how to ride horses alongside professionals in a controlled environment.

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Have you ever thought “Do the construction companies near me have examples of their work I can look at and know about?” Thankfully, McKee Construction Co. knows this can be a concern for clients and understands that it is important for people to know more about their contractor’s capabilities before they commit. Don’t sit wondering “I wonder if construction companies near me have work similar to what I want,” and contact McKee Construction Co. for more information about the Renzulli Barn and many of their other projects today.

Auto Dealership Construction Services

When you decide to invest in building an auto dealership, you can be at a loss for what your next steps will be. You know you need a contractor but who can you turn to that will be able to handle such a complex and large project? McKee Construction Co., a licensed general contractor in Sanford, Florida, can provide you with the resource you need to design and construct your new auto dealership. Contact them for more information on how you can embark on a construction journey with them for your next auto dealership project.

What goes into an auto dealership?

Building an auto dealership is a large undertaking. There a number of components that go into building a proper auto dealership and the last thing that you want to worry about is making sure that every aspect of it is built exactly how you need it to be. Rather than worry, allow someone else to take on the burden and build your auto dealership to your exact specifications.

With McKee Construction Co., you can be assured that all the aspects of your building project will be taken care of, including selecting a site, reviewing the engineering, doing all the pre-planning space requirements, constructing in both open or occupied spaces, carpentry, any renovation or demolition, and final cleanup. As experienced builders of commercial sites, they understand how much goes into perfecting an auto dealership and they are prepared to take on whatever project you may have, however large or small. If you are uncertain about the design portion of your project, do not worry. As a design-build company, they can handle both portions of your project from its initial stages to its final completion.

Get a licensed general contractor for your auto dealership project

In order to get your project done right the first time, a licensed general contractor is your best bet for getting everything done exactly as you want it. Finding an experienced contractor can take time and even still you might have to search separately for someone to design your dealership before it can go into construction.

However, with McKee Construction Co., a general contractor in Sanford, Florida, you can be certain that your project will be completed from design to construction in a seamless process. They can take care of every section of your dealership including the showroom, supply warehouse, and service bay. This makes them the ultimate resource for your commercial construction needs. If you are searching for a commercial general contractor in the Sanford area, then look no further than McKee Construction Co.

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If you are getting ready to invest and build an auto dealership and are wondering who you can consult about designing and constructing your project, contact McKee Construction Co. Located in Sanford, Florida, they are a general contractor with years of experience and the expertise necessary to take on your construction project. They will be able to lead your project from its inception all the way to its completion. Trust McKee Construction Co. for your new auto dealership.

The 5 Benefits of Design Build Construction Services

There are several benefits to using a design-build construction company. They provide the service that you would expect from top construction companies with the added benefit of dealing with the design aspect of your commercial construction project. If you are looking for construction companies in Orlando, contact McKee Construction Co.

Convenience of one source of communication

Having two different companies in charge of your construction project can often result in a game of tug of war. The design team of your construction project may have one vision in mind while the construction team may have a different idea about its execution. This means that you can at the very least end up with high tension on a construction site. The benefit of having your design and construction teams from the same companies is that they have an understanding of how the other works and can function in conjunction with understanding as to what the other is doing.

Expertise of top construction companies

One key benefit for you in terms of budget is that with the same design and construction team you are able to get a more accurate estimate of how long your project will take. While an overwhelming number of construction and design companies who work separately won’t be able to provide you with accurate estimates of how long a project will take and how much a project will cost, teams that work that offer expertise in both disciplines have a greater understanding of how the other works and can provide more accuracy when handing you estimates.

Efficiency from a unified team

Another important benefit is that teams working together work faster. They understand what needs to get done in order for the other to function and they can move on with the next parts of the project more quickly. Efficiency is increased when your design and construction team come from the same company.

Savings in budget

Of course, the ultimate benefit is savings. With the construction and design teams working together, you are given the same amount of work that you would get from two separate teams, but with much lower costs. Since there is such an increase in efficiency in hiring a team that designs and builds, which will reduce time spent waiting for your project to get done, you’ll end up saving money.

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In Orlando, there is a selection of construction companies to choose from. However, some of the best construction companies in Orlando only offer construction. McKee Construction Co. offers the kind of service you would want from top construction companies while also providing you with an elite team equipped to deal with designing your project. For one of the best construction companies in Orlando, contact McKee Construction Co.

Don’t Skimp On Quality When it Comes to Commercial Construction

When committing to a construction project, you may be tempted to find the cheapest option without thinking about the quality of your project. Especially when you are dealing with commercial construction and a project that is expensive by its very nature, you may decide to choose an option that allows you to forgo worrying about cost. However, this can be detrimental to your project. Not only can this result in wear and decay much quicker than expected, but it can also create huge unexpected costs. Contact McKee Construction Co. in Sanford, Florida, an experienced licensed general contractor, for information and pricing.

The benefits of a licensed general contractor

Hiring a licensed general contractor may be a more expensive enterprise than hiring an amateur but there are so many risks associated with hiring someone who is inexperienced. Hiring someone who has been in the business for years and has the type of connections they need to make deals happen can not only save you from additional costs in the present, but in the future as well. Especially with commercial construction, it is important to have someone who understands what permits are needed and what guidelines need to be followed so you can avoid fines and rebuilding costs later on.


McKee Construction Co. has decades in the business and can not only give you the guidance you need to make your construction project perfect but they also have the knowledge to give you the peace of mind when you commit to construction.


What can happen when you hire an amateur

Amateur contractors can ask for too much money upfront and can begin work on your construction project without making you sign a contract. While this may seem like eagerness to work on their part, this can actually be poor planning and if they do something that you don’t like or that you didn’t agree on and they ask you for more money, you cannot point to a contract to show that they are in the wrong. This can lead to a whole slew of legal issues. For this reason, you want a licensed general contractor that clearly lays out the terms of your project in the contract and makes you sign the contract before they begin work.


Amateurs may also not have the resources in place to provide you with the highest quality and the lowest prices. They do not have the connections within their community to be able to provide you with deals on materials and therefore may charge more for a much shoddier job.


They may also be unfamiliar with the laws and regulations of your area and may not know which permits you need to have in order to follow through with construction. This means that when the time comes for an inspection later on you may be left in a wake of fines and rebuilding. This will ultimately be much more costly and difficult to deal with.


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For your commercial construction project, don’t settle for a company with no experience. Contact McKee Construction Co. in Sanford, Florida for assistance with your construction project.