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What Exactly Do General Contractors Do?

If you are wondering what exactly do general contractors do, McKee Construction Co. in Orlando, FL can tell you all about their general contractor services and answer any questions you may have about construction below. Finding the right general contractor in Orlando, FL might not always be an easy task, but when you do, you know it. Let us be your right fit, reach out to us today.

A Short List of General Contractor Services You Must Know About!

  • Building process knowledge – They know what needs to be done and when. It is very easy for the cost to go out of the budget because they miss something that needs to be fixed or something that should have been done sooner in the project.
  • Building trade knowledge – a good contractor will supervise all workers by constantly checking the quality of the work.
  • Knowledge of building codes – they won’t have to pay someone to come in and check the work that has been done. The general contractor services will be done by the team themselves to make sure everything is done properly.
  • Knowledge of construction scheduling – the general contractor stays on top of the schedule and makes sure everything is running as it should. They spend a lot of time on their phone making sure everyone is where they should be, doing what they should be doing to get things done on time.
  • Builders relationships – construction is similar to other businesses; everyone is comfortable around those they may know or have already built relationships with. Give your builder and general contractors a chance to form a relationship and get to know their clients. It makes all the difference when it comes time for reviews and getting to let others know about your experience with McKee Construction Co. as your general contractor in Orlando, FL.
  • Capital – any good contractor will have enough cash to keep your project moving no matter what any other man on the job says.
  • Contracting knowledge – check the details of your contract. The fine points are there and should be reviewed before signing on the dotted line.

Why McKee Construction Co is the General Contractor Orlando, FL for You to Use

Our team will meet your building needs and listen to everything you want. We turn it into what you want and more. Hard work and dedication is important to us to ensure all clients get the space they have always hoped for when thinking of their business space.

Let us manage your general contractor services for your next project! We want to bring greatness for clients and make their buildings exciting and different every time we create a project. Client satisfaction is our goal, so make sure you let us know what you want so we can work together to design the space you have always wanted and more. Trust us to prove to you that we are a team of professionals who can design your perfect workspace!

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If you are looking to design a new building and need a general contractor Orlando, FL, McKee Construction Co is the company for you. Let us know what you are looking for. Together we can come up with the best design you are looking to achieve.

How Do Commercial Contractors Keep Up with Construction Industry Trends?

Interested in finding out, “how do commercial contractors keep up with construction industry trends?” McKee Construction Co. in Sanford, FL is here to share construction news about just that! Commercial construction is used to build the perfect business space. Let us know what you have in mind and we will make it happen.


Important Construction News to Know About


  1. We are the 99 percent – commercial construction, such as retailers and restaurants that cover 99 percent of the population will continue to grow in the upward direction. Watch your favorite places make more locations right before your eyes due to business growth and people wanting more from retailers. Construction news does not lie, and the people get what they want. So if the people are asking for more stores and restaurants that is what commercial construction businesses such as ours will bring.
  2. The 1 percent still counts – when it comes to luxury retail construction, high-end brands will most likely focus on renovations for an existing location.
  3. Creative deal-making – maximizing your financial investments tends to be an issue for some developers; however, you can work creatively behind the scenes. Do what you know best and only offer what you can handle, as this can be fun for some commercial construction crews.
  4. Entrepreneurs are hungry – Many people choose the restaurant business, which makes more construction for us. Most of the time it is for fast food. Believe it or not, that is where the money is.
  5. Anything goes- back in the day there was a rule for successful shopping center development; however, today anything is possible. Tenants just want to fill the space, they do not really mind who is using it.


These are just a few of the many reasons commercial construction is forever evolving and being used daily for businesses everywhere. McKee Construction Co. can help you design the building you need and help you find the right place you have been searching for. It is possible to have all the aspects of the building you want if you work with us and let us know what you want along the way.


In Need of a Commercial Construction Building?


McKee Construction Co. can get that taken care of for you. All you have to do is come in and let us know what you are looking for, the size of space you need, and what type of timeline you are looking at. Once we handle all the logistics, we can get to the fun part! Picking the design of a building can be a lot of fun and you will learn that a lot goes into it that you never would have thought about unless asked by a professional for your opinion.  


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If you want to know more about commercial construction and what we offer at McKee Construction Co. in Sanford, FL, reach out to us today. We can update you with construction news and anything else you might have questions about. Get the building you have been waiting for, we have everything you need and more!

Shortcuts Your Contractor Should Never Take

It is important to work with a commercial construction company who knows right from wrong. If you are searching for a construction company near me in Seminole County, FL McKee Construction Co. can help you build the space you have always needed. Tell us about your commercial construction ideas today and we will get started on a project right away!

Commercial construction shortcuts that should never be taken

Cutting corners can save time and effort, but it still costs money in the long run. Make sure you pay attention to what is mentioned here and do not take these shortcuts!

  1. Forgetting to sharpen tools – it is important to have the blades up to date and ready to go daily. So never sharpening them will make them dull and hard to use which makes projects harder to complete.
  2. Buying cheap materials- instead of buying materials right away, save money and get the better brands when you can afford them.
  3. Lowest Bids- make sure you know the products and people you are working with. You want every project to be top of the line because McKee Construction Co. a construction company near me is the company you work for and you need to keep our name in positive eyes.
  4. Not maintaining your vehicle properly- if you have a good vehicle, customers will know you can handle a commercial construction project.
  5. Assuming the staff know what you are asking of them, be clear with your tasks- talk to your employees. Let them know what they should be working on and when it needs to be done by. If you work as a team, the project will be done sooner and more efficiently.
  6. Thinking that clean up is a waste of time- Everyone needs to help! Get down and dirty, and help out. Once the site is clean, you can all leave together. Your customers will appreciate a project well done.
  7. Proper communication – Do not wait to return phone calls. Your customers should be able to reach you at any time.  


Finding the right construction company near me in Seminole County


McKee Construction Co. is the place for you! We are trustworthy and our staff works hard to finish all commercial construction projects in a timely fashion. We pay close attention to detail and make sure we go the extra step to complete all projects to meet all customers standards and needs. When you search for “construction company near me” on Google, we hope you will trust McKee Construction Co. to complete your project and let the hands of our employees take over. It is important to us that our customer’s satisfaction is met. Our dedication is recognized for commercial construction in Seminole County. It is possible to have the building you want or need for business purposes. Just let us know what we can do to help!


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If you need a construction company near me, reach out to McKee Construction Co. in Seminole County, FL. Our commercial construction experience is outstanding and we are here to help you with your next project you have in mind.


Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Metal Roof

Searching for “construction companies in Orlando” to have your metal roofing replaced? McKee Construction Co. near Orlando can help you fix your roofing in no time. Let us know what you need and we will have your project handled right away!

Does your metal roofing need to be replaced?

Be cautious of your roof, and take good care of it as best you can. It is important to replace your roof every now and then when you notice these signs:

Leaks- a roof leaks if it has not been installed correctly. Your metal roofing could have gaps in it which could be causing the leaks. This only gets worse, so once you notice it, it should be addressed right away. It will only cost more money the longer you wait. Look for construction companies in Orlando, FL today!
Tears and punctures – these often occur during the construction of the roof, due to the foot traffic. Since the metal roof is prone to movement, caulking could be a temporary solution. However, the best way to reduce tears and punctures is to avoid any access to the roof. Only let professionals up there for repair needs.
Blow-offs – another side effect due to bad installation. If it is not attached properly, there can be open seams and gaps which can result in parts of the roof blowing off. This means you should regularly take a look at your roof to be sure everything is in place. Metal roofing is great, until something goes wrong and needs to be replaced.
Loose Seams – Metal roofs expand and contract, depending on the weather. This can cause screws to loosen and seams to separate. If this happens, you should have a professional come out from McKee Construction Co. take a look right away. The underlying structure of the roof can become damaged causing bigger issues for the entire roof.
Ponding Water – When water collects on the roof, it adds pressure. This could form leaks and puddles on your roof. Be sure to check for this often.
Rust and/or Corrosion Buildup – once exposed to moisture, rust can form. The weather can cause corrosion. Be careful of these things when it comes to a metal roofing repair or replacement.

Looking for construction companies in Orlando, FL that our locals trust?

McKee Construction Co. is here to fix your metal roofing for you in a professional and timely manner. Meeting our customer satisfaction needs is our top priority! We will make sure your roof is properly installed, inspect your roof for issues, and make sure everything is just as it should be. With our experienced staff and proper materials, we will be sure to get your metal roofing up to date and just as it needs to be so it will last you a while for years to come!

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If you are in search of construction companies in Orlando, FL, McKee Construction Co is the company for you! We can fix your metal roofing and more. Just let us know what you need done and we will come up with a plan together.

Is Your Build Site Able To Fulfill Your Needs?

McKee Construction Co. can be your general contractor in the Orlando, FL area. Just let us know what type of building construction you are looking for. Our experienced staff is always ready to provide the highest construction process of design and efficiency for the right cost. Let us help you create the perfect business building for you today! We can design the perfect office for you, just know your standards and we will be sure to fulfill them and more.

The must haves to building construction needs


When you are building on a new site, it is important to consider everything. Meeting all the requirements is crucial for your building construction needs. Here are the things you must keep in mind when designing your building:


Setbacks and easements



Sun’s exposure

Location of trees

Distance for running utilities


Location of your new building is key. You will be using this building for a while, and you will want to have a nice view. Hiring a general contractor from McKee Construction Co. can help you decide all of these aspects and make sure you get exactly what you want in a timely fashion. There will be setbacks, and some things we will have to work around, such as location of trees or the distance for running the utilities. These things may be in the way or we will have to move them but these tend to me minor changes most of the time. Having these changes done can cost a lot of time and money. Working with us, we have the experience to get the job done for you in one shot, and make sure you get everything you need, to create the building you have always wanted for your business space.


Find your general contractor with McKee Construction Co.


Having a few spaces in mind before coming to us will make your process move a lot smoother, however, we can help you find the perfect space as well. Every site you consider will have a list of its own requirements as well, so make sure you work with your general contractor to come up with the best plan for your building construction site needs. We will work with you, and make sure you get everything you want and more. Having the perfect structure, and look of your new business building is just as important to us, as it is for you.  Making sure you get all the aspects of the building you want and more is our priority. McKee Construction Co. will do everything we can to make it just right for you and your staff to enjoy your new space.


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If you are looking to fulfill your building construction needs, reach out to McKee Construction Co. in Orlando, FL to hire a general contractor to take on your project! Your construction needs are our command, and we hope to fulfill them in anyway we can. Just let us know what you want and how we can help!