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Want To Bring More Light Into Your Office?

There are many ways to bring natural light into your office space. Mckee Construction Co. in Seminole County can give you the advice of a general contractor as to how to add light and open up your space. Let us know what type of project you are looking to develop and we can help you get started right away.


Bringing Natural Light into the Workspace


When you are designing your commercial construction building, it is important to consider where you want to place all of the windows. Making sure everyone has the same amount of natural light at their desk is a hard thing to do, however, window placement is something you have control over. Working with general contractors to get a plan in place and make sure everything is just where you want it is important, and why we are here to help. It is important to have a professional walk you through the process and get you the business building you have always wanted. Start with these ideas for natural lighting in your office space and we will make them happen for your space.  


Sky Lights

These are a top lighting source that many clients like to include in their design plan. These work well to bring in natural light because they allow for the sun to shine in and keep shining all day long. Sunlight keeps the workplace bright and happy. Applying windows through the ceiling makes it possible for many angles of the office to be able to get some sunshine in.


Wall Configurations

When you hang your lights in the right place or add decor in just the right spot, you can bring in natural lighting perfectly. Once you have your construction plan in place and the designers have drawn up the ideas of your building, you can figure out where everything should go so that you can bring in all the natural lighting you need. Every aspect of your space matters. Consider where the light is coming in and where everything is being placed in order to make sure it all has a proper place on the walls.


General Contractors from McKee Construction Co.


When you need a contractor to help with your design plan, we are the company for you. Mckee Construction Co. is here to figure out where your windows should be placed and how much lighting your office will need to brighten up the place with all natural light for everyone to enjoy. When you are designing a new office space, it is important to talk about the things you want most so that the outcome is everything you have ever wanted and more.


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If you are searching for more natural light in your design plan, reach out to McKee Construction Co. in Seminole County to speak with general contractors about getting your office space just the way you want it. We are here to help you in every way we can. Tell us about your ideas and we will be sure to work together to come up with natural lighting ideas to brighten up your design plan and create an office space like no other.

Scheduling Delays That May Take Place in Commercial Construction

If you have been on top of your construction planning and are worried about scheduling delays, McKee Construction Co. in Sanford is here to help you better understand the commercial construction process and some of the delays that may take place.


Construction Planning has Delays From Time to Time


Commercial construction normally moves at a very fast pace, however, sometimes delays do get in the way. Due to some important factors, clients have to squeeze everything into a certain amount of time to get their project done for their business which is where construction planning and delays may come into play. Any sort of delay can be critical for the whole project and all commercial construction companies, even ours, do everything in their power to try and avoid this at all costs. Here are a few of the most common delays that come up during construction planning:


Unrealistic Expectations For Permit Reviews


One of the first things that could potentially bring a project to a halt is not having the proper permits. The length of time that it takes to get permits is something that a lot of clients do not realize until it is too late. Our staff is here to help with most things, however, we can not get the permits for your business done in one day. This takes time and each permit will require a different length of time to obtain. The best take away from this piece of advice is for you to listen to our professionals and let us help you get your permits when it is suggested to make sure it does not delay the rest of your commercial construction process.


Delays on Shop Drawings


As soon as we get the okay to move forward with a project, we let our contractors know about the job and release to them to start creating our renderings/drawings. This is an important step that can save everyone some headaches down the road because shop drawings are made to make sure everyone understands the overall design of the commercial building. It leaves less room or errors and conflicts when starting the construction. Having the shop drawings done on time lets the rest of the construction flow on time. However, if the client, does not sign off on the completed drawings in a timely manner, it can cause delays in the rest of the project.

Planning for Long-lead Items and Materials


For most construction projects, long lead materials will take time to order and have delivered. Many of those lead times are fixed, which means there is no way to get the materials sooner by paying for accelerated manufacturing. Custom items take longer because of the measurements and specific needs that need to be sent overseas sometimes.


Besides ordering these items in a timely manner, it’s crucial to make sure the extended lead times fit into the commercial construction schedule. There will always be some delays, but if one ir organized and on top of the things you need to order, it will help you in the long run.

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If you are interested in learning more about commercial construction delays, reach out to McKee Construction Co. in Sanford, FL and we will help you understand construction planning for your next project.

Call Us For Pre Engineered Metal Buildings for Educational Facilities

Have you been searching for “metal buildings Florida” ideas to start off your project? Mckee Construction Co. in Seminole County can help you find general contractors to get your ideas off paper and off the ground. Let us help you make the best Educational Facilities your area has ever seen.


Tips for Metal Buildings Florida Business Trust


Adaptability and flexibility


Your designs can be whatever you wish with metal buildings. General contractors and other building engineers have the freedom to design metal buildings Florida in almost any way imaginable. Metal is designed for maximum adaptability and can easily be changed if they shall arises. You can start with a smaller space and open up a space by extending walls and adding more to your metal buildings.


Acoustical performance


Vibration control and acoustical changes are easily achieved through placing materials in and around the metal structure. Metal framework is ideal for placing different types of material such as insulation, which also addresses utility efficiency as well as fire safety needs.


Utilities and services


Metal educational facilities provide the space you need without losing outside space. For example, modern classrooms and technology labs need a source of power for a wide variety of space and devices. Metal construction makes it easy with drop ceilings and elevated floors, with plenty of space for wiring.


Types of Frames


Braced Frames

These are found around the stairs and within the internal walls. These can be used as a decorative design as well for an open framework.


Light Steel Framing

Some low rise buildings use moment-resident connections between the beams and the columns to keep everything connected together. This is best for small buildings and the structure is just right for schools. Light steel framing is excellent for extensions, especially rooftops. The flexibility makes it easier to move the walls for a future needs.


Cellular Beams

Used for long spans of space in a large room. It is handy for an decorative piece as well.


Benefits of Metal Buildings


We can be sure that your building has low maintenance requirements, fire resistance, a lower insurance , easy pre-manufacture and delivery, quick construction, and lower utility costs. Metal construction is not limited to box-like structures, we can create what you want and make it your own design. One of the benefits is the flexibility that comes with the materials we work with and the team we have to create your buildings.


Metal buildings Florida businesses recommend come from Mckee Construction Co. They have the right foundation, perfectly fitted roof, and increase natural lighting. With these benefits your Educational facility will be like no other.


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If you are looking for general contractors to help you start your pre-engineered metal buildings for an educational facility, reach out to Mckee Construction Co. in Seminole County to start your project today. Anything is possible when you ask the right company for assistance. Let us know what you are hoping for and we will make it happen.


What’s the Permitting Process Before Construction?

Are you curious about construction permits for your upcoming commercial building project? And have you been searching for “construction companies near me” online to find the best company to help with your building needs? Trust us at McKee Construction Co. near Orlando, FL to take on your project and give you the results you have been hoping for.


Construction Permits with our Senior Estimator


Here at Mckee Construction Co., our Senior Estimator has 15 years of experience with us in addition to over another 8 years of experience in the construction world. He works on assignments with design coordination alongside design professionals to get you the best estimates he possibly can. He also coordinates proposals with you to ensure you are getting everything you need for your project and more within budget. One of the most important parts of his job is the planning of land acquisition, planning, development, and permitting through governmental agencies to prove that your project is top of the line. Having our Senior Estimator work on your project means you will have the construction permits you need ahead of time and organized in a manner to keep your project on its original timeline.


Always Have a Permit Before Construction


Whether you are starting construction of a new building or performing alterations or repairs, a permit is required.


Being on the safe side includes making sure you get a permit for your project for electrical and plumbing projects, or any type of work that requires an outside hire. For these types of work, you will need to have documentation and approval as a building owner to perform work. Building permits protect you and your workers from hazards situations and keep you within building codes on your new building site from day one. Commercial construction permits are required when building to make sure all contractors are covered. Some of the most common types of permits include permits for:


New buildings




Prefabricated structures

Electrical systems

Plumbing systems

Heating and air conditioning

Parking lots


All types of permits are important, and a major factor to consider when starting a new building project. We are here to guide you through the process and make sure you get all the proper permits before breaking ground. Come to us with your idea and we will stand by you step by step to create a business building you want and or need. Let us be the of the “construction companies near me” you have been searching for to design the space you need.

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If you are worried about finding construction companies near me, the search is over. McKee Construction Co. near Orlando, FL is here to help. We can get you the construction permits you need with the help of our senior estimator and make sure your project goes off as a success. Contact us today to find out more about getting your project started and finding the space you need. Permits are important and can make a huge difference when planning a building project, let us help you find everything you need.

2018 Trends to Watch For in Commercial Building Design

Interested in construction industry trends for commercial building design for the year 2018? McKee Construction Co. near Orlando can help find out more and learn about these trends. Finding construction companies in Orlando is easy when you know where to look. Contact us today and let us help you design your next project.


Construction Industry Trends  


Technology Advancements and Integration


While the construction industry has been slow to involve technology, it will not be a choice much longer. With mobile and cloud applications, technology will only continue to grow as construction industry trends in 2018. They should expect to see more 3D printing and drone usage to make blueprints for building designs. Virtual reality will also be used more often on construction sites and for upcoming projects.


Increase in Modular and Prefabrication Construction Projects


This is becoming more popular due to trends and its cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. Modular and prefabrication methods will be popping up more and more this coming year when it fits the budget due to the price of materials being so high.


Better Safety Procedures


Construction companies in Orlando, such as McKee Construction Co. have more resources than ever before in this department. Safety technology is continuing to grow and change as the business becomes more popular. Being safe is crucial on construction sites, so uping these standards is important for the new year.


Slower Growth


While construction industry trends are always growing and changing, it might start off slow this year. The competition will continue and keep commercial construction running stronger than ever before.


Increased Importance on Sustainability


This has been an issue for a few years now. In 2018, the focus on ecological benefits will remain through the trend and show an emphasis on financial benefits.


Increasing the Cost of Materials


The price rises quite often, and due to this construction companies in Orlando, have been put in a tough situation. Price are expected to stay high unfortunately, so this just means as a construction company we will just need to find other ways to cut back on our construction projects.      


With these trends in mind, there will be challenges to overcome. The best thing to do is for our construction companies in Orlando to stay aware and knowledgeable of the situation at hand. As a whole the construction industry trends will grow together. McKee Construction Co. takes pride in helping all customers and building a space based off their specific needs. We pay close attention to detail, making sure you get our hard work and dedication in each and every project. It is important to us that all buildings are done to satisfaction and overseen to completion.


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If you have been considering a commercial construction project, take these construction industry trends into consideration and reach out to McKee Construction Co. near Orlando today to discuss your project. Let us know what you think about the trends and how 2018 will be the year of commercial construction for all who need a new space built.