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Learn About our Danus Utilities Project!

As the leading building contractors in Seminole County, McKee Construction Co. is always excited to share the news about our newest projects. Our Danus Utilities project is one of the projects that we are always happy to share with our future clients as an example of our versatility and dedication to quality. We strive to maintain our position as one of the best construction companies in the Orlando area and have the resources to ensure that any project that we are given the opportunity to take care of, we successfully complete. If you are interested in learning more about our projects and seeing how you could benefit from working with our team of designers and builders, contact us at McKee Construction Co. and speak to one of our experts today.


What is the Danus Utilities Project?


The Danus Utilities Project is a building that was designed and built by McKee Construction Co. in Sanford, FL. With 1500 square feet for office space and 3000 square feet of additional warehouse space, this pre-engineered metal building is equipped for space. It is a project that includes a master site plan that has room for up to four additional buildings on property. The project was created for Danus Utilities, a company that specializes in sanitary sewer lift station installation, rehabilitation, and service.


The project is one of many in McKee Construction Co.’s portfolio and it readily demonstrates their ability and versatility as constructors. Not only are we committed to crafting buildings that are durable and reliable, but we also have the ability to create beautiful design elements that will satisfy any client’s needs. We also house our own metal roofing division so we can truly encompass every aspect of your project from start to finish and in the future.

Building Contractors with a Vision


We at McKee Construction Co. are always striving to do more with our construction projects and become the best in our industry. That is why we have a variety of projects in our portfolio that truly demonstrate the diversity of our scope and strength of our team’s abilities.

If you are interested in learning more about our services and you would like to see what we have available for you, do not hesitate to contact us at McKee Construction Co., one of the best construction companies in the Orlando area. We can sit down with you and discuss what your needs are for your building project. By working with our design team, you can get a plan for the exact building that you want, guided by our experts. Then, with our construction team, you can be certain that your ideas will be executed according to plan.

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If you are looking for building contractors for your next commercial construction project, trust in McKee Construction Co. in Seminole County to get you what you need. We are a skilled team of designers, builders, and metal roofing builders that can give you the construction project that you have been wanting. Contact us at McKee Construction Co., one of the best construction companies in the Orlando area, to learn more.

Why You Should Consider Design-Build Over Design-Bid-Build!

Design build construction teams are typically more beneficial over design bid build companies, but why is that? McKee Construction Co. near Orlando knows that general contractors who work alongside design teams from the same company know the intricacies of a project during its entire length, allowing them to give the client the best possible result. We at McKee Construction Co. follow this philosophy and we provide our clients the design that they have been hoping for. Contact us at McKee Construction Co. to learn more.


How Does a Design Build Construction Company Make a Difference?


When you begin a construction project, you may have to deal with both a construction company and a design firm. Your design firm plans out what the building will look like and what components are necessary to make it look right as well as what materials will make it the precise aesthetic that you have been wanting. At this point, a construction company comes in, takes these designs, and tries to construct the designs according to plan. However, because they do not have a direct contact with the architect, there are chances for the contractor to go over budget or to run into problems with the design.

A design build construction company unifies the process. This irons out the issues of communication between the design team and the construction team because they are both aware of the project in the same capacity and they can work together to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Additionally, because they are working together, you do not have to wait through the bidding process and then wait for a contractor to come along who will have to reach out to the design team every time they have an issue. A unified design build team immediately begins work after they finish designing and therefore speed up the building process.


Are You Looking for General Contractors?


If you are looking for general contractors, it is best to search for one that works with a design team in their own company. A design build team can help you plan exactly what you need without having to compromise on budget or time spent on the project. Design build teams understand from the inception of your project what you are looking for and can execute it all with their own team.

McKee Construction Co. is a design build company near Orlando that can help you get the building project that you have been wanting without the need to consult a number of other sources. If you are interested in starting your own construction project, contact us at McKee Construction Co.


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McKee Construction Co. near Orlando operates with efficiency and urgency to provide its clients with quality results. Our design team and construction team work cohesively as one unit which enables us to deliver an incredible McKee product which has been our trademark for over 30 years. Contact us to learn more about our services and see how we can help you with your construction project.

3 Keys to Finishing a Commercial Construction Project on Time

Construction management is so important with all types of projects. McKee Construction Co. in Sanford, FL is very specific with their projects and which general contractor gets to work on which project. Finishing projects on time is key to leading a successful business, and that’s what we are here to do. Reach out to us today to start your next project.

Construction Management Tips for Finishing Projects


When you begin your project, there is a lot to consider.


A few of the biggest concerns that come into play when clients worry about having their commercial construction project done on time are ensuring that the plan is ready, you’ve selected the right general contractor, you’ve communicated about the budget, and many other factors. Everything is important when working as a team, however, these are a few of the must haves.


A Plan

Of course everything will be drawn out, talked about, and ready to go before the commercial construction project even breaks ground. But the truth is, there is always more time that can be put into planning. Staying within budget and coming up with the perfect plan is a difficult thing to do, however, we always come as close as we possible can to make sure our clients get what they want.


Consulting With a General Contractor

Choosing the right general contractor will give you an instant peace of mind. They will offer you references and reviews based on the type of project you are looking to complete. Most general contractors have a wide variety of commercial construction projects and will be able to work with you and tell you about previous projects they have worked on.


Communication About the Difficult Stuff

Let’s face it, no one likes talking about money. So if you just tell us ahead of time what type of budget we are working with, it will make it easier for us to get supplies, plan your project, and get started right away. The sooner we can do that, the sooner your project will be finished and completed on time. Good communication on site is important for all aspects of construction.


To find the perfect construction management to keep your project running smoothly and on time you will not be disappointed with McKee Construction Co. When you speak to a general contractor from our team you will notice that it does not take much to plan a project, set a budget and get your commercial building well on its way to construction.  


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If you have an idea in mind for a commercial construction project, reach out to McKee Construction Co in Sanford, FL to speak to a general contractor. We are one of the best teams of construction management and can get your project completed on time and ready for you in no time at all. Just let us know what you are looking for and the specifics you want and we are here to create the perfect space for you.

Tips on How to Identify Construction Project Management Risks

If you are searching for construction companies in Orlando, McKee Construction Co. has a team of professionals near Orlando who are known for their construction project management and can build you any type of commercial building you want.

Construction Project Management Tips


Construction is a risky business to begin with, and you have to always be careful when making construction decicions. Each project is unique and has its own set of challenges to overcome. When it comes to construction project management risks, they are to happen with even the best laid out plans.


Risks aren’t always negative. Being able to identify and manage risks can lead to increased profits, which can establish good relationships with clients as well as make their projects more fitting to their specific needs. Let us show you what we mean and help you create the space you have always wanted today.


Some Types of Risks That May Occur On Site:


Safety Hazards

Managing Change of Orders

Incomplete Drawings of Plans

Unknown Site Conditions

Poorly Written Contracts

Unexpected Increases in Material Costs

Labor Shortages

Issues With Subcontractors or Suppliers


When risks occur, there is a chance they can have a serious impact on the project due to costs, scheduling, and the overall project performance because of delays. Our regular brainstorming sessions with our team are what keeps our construction project management so strong. When risks do occur, we take them head on and handle them right away.


Managing Risks


When we notice a project has risks and feel it is not right for our company, there is no shame in turning down the project. Working as a team to discuss the project and making sure the good outweighs the bad is important when starting a project. Good construction project management requires a high level of collaboration and communication as a team. Having everyone on the same page will make sure each and every project is done right and that all risks are managed in the best way possible. Many construction companies in Orlando strive for success to provide buildings that are built to perfection with everything you want and need included.


When you work with McKee Construction Co. we will make sure we listen to your every want and need to create a space that is just right for your commercial building. Our staff pays close attention to detail to ensure nothing is overlooked or missed when your construction takes place. Hard work and dedication is our focus to produce customer satisfaction which in turn brings quality to our construction business. Trust us to take on your project and create the space you need.

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If you have been looking for construction companies in Orlando, reach out to McKee Construction Co. near Orlando to take on your project. With our strong team and good construction project management skills, the risks will be few and far between. It is important to us that your project is done right and in good hands. Let us know what you are looking for and how we can help.