Often, people wonder how metal roof installation works, even when it is performed by a professional. McKee Construction Co., Roofing Division in Sanford knows that this is a common concern with clients, especially with regards to the State of Florida product approval and local jurisdiction wind codes that bind metal roofing installation and construction. We strive for transparency and clarity during the construction process for the interests of ourselves and our clients to ensure the client receives the best product for the location and project. If you would like to speak to a professional about a commercial metal roof project, contact one of the best construction companies near Orlando, McKee Construction Co. Roofing Division, today.

Metal Roof Installation

As with any aspect of building, there are certain methods and regulations that things that should be built and put together that ensure not only the safety of all those involved but the durability of the building itself for a much longer period of time. That is equally true of metal roofing. The Florida Building Code alone has eight pages detailing how metal roofs should be installed to assure the security and the quality of the end product.

To the layman, this may be a document that is difficult to follow, but what lies within it is a document that accurately and comprehensively details the particular rules that contractors must follow when they are installing metal roofs. For instance, under General Requirements, the Florida Building Code states, “all perimeter flashings shall meet the material sizing and attachment requirements set forth RAS 111…Underlayment shall be in accordance with Chapter 15 (High Velocity Hurricane Zones) of the Florida Building Code, Building.”

When your metal roof is installed, all of these different regulations are considered in order to give you the best possible end result and to ensure that your building is up to code in the event that you want to have tenants in it or that you want to sell it later.

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If you are interested in learning more about metal roof installation or you would like to begin the process of having a metal roof installed on your commercial building project, we at McKee Construction Co. are at your service. We have experience in getting metal roofing done and we can make it so that you are fully included in the process and always feel informed about what we are doing.

McKee Construction Co. has multiple divisions, including its metal roofing division, and we are certain we can provide the highest quality metal roof for your commercial project. Contact us at McKee Construction Co. to learn more about one of the best construction companies in Orlando or visit our website.

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McKee Construction Co. is located in Sanford and is one of the top construction companies in Orlando and we can help you get the metal roof that you have been needing for your construction project. To learn more about our services or to begin the process of construction, contact us at McKee Construction Co.

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